TEFLIN, which is the abbreviation of “The Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia, is a non-benefit organization which was founded with the aim of promoting the quality of teaching English in Indonesia. This organisasion was established in Yogyakarta in 1970-s; and now it has well developed and got a very wide recognition from Indonesian and foreigners. It is indicated by the involevement of the board members of the organization, coming from Aceh through Bali and South Sulawesi. It is also reflected from the increasing number of its partner organizations from abroad, such as ALAK South Korea, JALT Japan, RELC Singapore, MELTA Malaysia, Thai TESOL Thailand, Cam TESOL Cambodia, ASIA TEFL, RELO, and the British Council.

TEFLIN has a number of agendas and activities, three of which are, in my view, very prestigious. They are coordinating TEFLIN international conference, publishing a scientific journal called “TEFLIN Jurnal”, and developing an EFL assesment tool called Test of English Proficiency (TOEP).

Joko Nurkamto,

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