Due to the amendment to the TEFLIN’s basic organization rules in 2016 which includes the changing of membership term, hereby, TEFLIN announces the TEFLIN MEMBERSHIP AMNESTY:

1) TEFLIN MEMBERSHIP AMNESTY is the renewal of TEFLIN membership due to a new membership regulation and new web-based online system.

2) TEFLIN membership of both individual and institutional is limited by terms of time validity. Lifetime membership is eliminated and no longer recognized by TEFLIN.

3) There are: (1) one year individual, (2) two-year individual, and (3) one year institutional TEFLIN membership.

4) All TEFLIN’s members, without exception, should make new online registration in www.teflin.org to be granted a free two-year membership.)*

5) The membership amnesty is available until December 31, 2016. Starting from January 1, 2017, all new registrants are subject to regular membership fee.

6) Members who DO NOT REREGISTER will lose their membership.

7) All members will have benefit provided in member area in the TEFLIN website which include member news, a membership card, teaching materials, and program and training.

)* Two-year membership is granted to those holding any document proving TEFLIN membership (TEFLIN Member Card or payment receipt) otherwise, members will only be granted a year free membership.

)*Document proving TEFLIN membership should be uploaded to substitute the payment receipt.

This information will be soon available in detail at www.teflin.org


Joko Nurkamto

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